Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make Home-Made Goods Through Jar Canning Quickly & Easily

An effective and safe way of preserving food is through jar canning.?While some people say that food canning is not that easy, it is actually an easy process. Safety should always come first when canning foods. Never fail to check canned foods before you consume them especially the expiration date which can vary depending on the kind of preserved food.

Containers should be kept for your next canning project. Take note that these jars should go through sterilization processes or steps prior to canning for safety. Also, this is a major factor in preserving your food thus, is a necessity. There are different techniques in canning but the two most common ones are pressure canning and water bath. The latter is largely used to process high acid foods and the former is mostly used for low acid foods.

A big no-no in jar canning is the reuse of the metal lids.?In contrast, the bands can still be r eused to properly grip until they pop and seal throughout the cooling course. After, the band gives no other function so it can be already removed.?Lids are readily available and inexpensive. They can be purchased anytime.

The popping sound which happens during the cooling process is an indication that the jars are sealed. In canning, by using high pressure canner, forces air come out from the jars as the food is heated.?As soon as the containers cool, the seal or lid is bluntly sucked down to seal the jar. Unless the jars are intentionally opened, nothing can get in and out of the jar.

A cool and dry place is the perfect storage of canned goods. You have also to follow the recommended processing period specific for jar canning. For the reason that there are jar pop and seal, it does not mean that the food inside the jar is already safe.?The content of the jar should be heated using the right temperature, the right heating duration, and using the right technique.

Food must be heated and should remain that way for a definite period of time in order to destroy bacteria which it may contain. If your budget permits you and you can afford investing on a quality canner that fastens the way it should then it is much better. You should also remember that you should not skip steps, do short cuts or modify steps but to always follow jar canning instructions. This ensures safety. Lastly, do not fail to sterilize jars for canning.

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