Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ball Canning Jars

From years men have thought of way to preserve food by different methods to ensure the supply throughout the year. Some tried salting of meat during the winter, pickling of fruits or making jams and jellies, while others tried heating to kill the germs and then preserving to protect from natural decay. Proper ways of home canning include the storage of food in a ball canning jar. Heating the jar to appropriate temperature and for appropriate time, processing the jar to kill the microorganisms and inactive the enzymes.

The history of ball canning jar manufacturing goes back to 1880 in New York, when Frank and Edmund Ball bought the wooden jacket can company and in 1884 the first ball jars were formed. Within 70 years the company produced 41 million canning jars due to which Ball enjoyed a great position in jar manufacturing companies. Then in 1897 Ball invented the first semi automatic jar making machines that made jar production faster and cheaper. With time Ball canning jars became desirable in people's sight and Ball corporation owned a number of other companies in different cities.

Collecting Ball Canning Jars
Pictures can say a good thousand words but the beauty of the ball canning jars can be appreciated only through first person encounter. Knowledge is power and knowledge can be increased by research, reading, interaction and by discussion with people of like mind. This knowledge can help you in spotting the right product for your collection of ball canning jars. Some jars are really expensive while others are worthless but in my opinion every jar has its own value. Ball jars are available in high degree of diversity, in different shapes and colors. Colored jars are more valuable as it allows less light to pass through such as a blue jar, keeping food preserved longer.

What to know about preserving food in Ball canning jars
The first thing to keep in mind is that before canning any food, make sure the jar is free from any nicks or cracks, The surface should be in proper shape to make a good seal

There are special ways of canning food, such as selecting a perfect jar, cleaning, heating the jar to kill germs, always follow an experts advice or a good book can help you

Food can be canned without sugar or salt, so no need to add sugar or salt if it is your dietary requirement

Every jar is not suitable or safe for canning

Canned food can remain fresh up to one year if properly processed

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