Monday, September 12, 2011

Canning, a "Family" Tradition

What's a busy mom to do? As the master of all multi-taskers, moms are always looking for ways to stay healthy and to create lasting memories for their families. One of the best ways to accomplish both of these goals is to preserve your own food at home.
Preserving foods is both easy and rewarding. When you're just beginning, try gathering a few supplies each year. Start by purchasing a pressure cooker for canning, a basic canning kit, and the Blue Ball Canning Book, which includes directions for every step of the home canning process. The beauty with canning is everything you buy lasts a lifetime, except for the lids and food, of course. The canning kit includes a jar lifter, a lid organizer and a few other gems to make home preservation easier and more organized. In your second season, expand your supplies to include a food dehydrator, canning recipe books, and even more gadgets to preserve the bounties of the garden. In an extremely short time, you will have gathered all you need to build a lifetime of adventure and memories for you and your family.
For myself, I remember working alongside my family every year. Now, as a mother of five, I have made sure to pass the tradition of home canning onto my own children. Every year, we gather to work together, and to laugh together. As the jars fill up and are processed, I know I've provided quality bonding opportunities and fresh, wholesome food without preservatives. I also take a little time each year to appreciate my own mom and the love and care she provided for me.
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