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Canning Jalapenos And Making Great Jalapeno Pickle Recipes

Jalapeño peppers
Jalapeño peppers (Photo credit: °Florian)
Jalapeno peppers are probably the most popular of the peppers and for good reason, they have a wonderful taste with plenty of "heat" but not overbearingly so, as is often the case with Habanero peppers. Depending on the recipe or use, both pickled and non-pickled Jalapenos have their place. Pickled Jalapenos are excellent for a garnish or topping to so many foods, plus the added vinegar has some health benefits as well.
Here are some great sources for canning Jalapenos, pickled as well as non-picked. Easy picked Jalapenos can also be made in the refrigerator without canning at all, which is great if you need a batch on short notice.

Looking for a quick way to start canning at home like a pro and make delicious recipes for home canning? Click here to visit At Home Canning For Beginners and Beyond.

Cooks Joy - Pickled Jalapenos (Canning Recipe)

Pickled Jalapenos | Cooks Joy Canning is something new to me and I am glad I got introduced to it by my friends Scott and Tanis. We used to make salsa and pickles and can them for later. Once you taste the home-made ...

 Canning non-pickled Jalapenos:

 Ask Jackie Blog Archive Q and A: canning jalapenos
I'm interested in canning jalapenos, but I don't want to pickle them. I want to chop them and can them for later use in various dishes. Can I just add lemon to water and water-bath? Or will I need to pressure can them? My only ...

 Refrigerator Pickled Jalapenos - need a quick and easy batch of delicious pickled Jalapenos in a hurry? Check this out:

  Liv Life: Pickled Jalapeos - A Seasonal Food Photography Challenge

Enter the amazing Bobby Flay and his Pickled Jalapeo recipe from one of my all time favorite books, Grilling For Life . Quick and easy, I forwent any formal canning procedures and made a smaller refrigerator batch which ...Another easy refigerator pickled Jalapeno recipe:

Simply Scratch Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapeos

Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapeos. In the past year I think it's safe to say between my oldest daughter, my husband and myself we've polished off at least 6 jars of pickled jalapenos. Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapenos...

Jalapeno relish Recipe: 

 Jalapeno Relish - Canning Jalapeno Relish - Jalapeno Relish Recipe

Putting relish on dishes can add a whole new dimension of flavor, and enhance basic foods. While relishes are commonly made from pickles, there is no reason not to be a little more inventive! Living in the south has tailored.

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