Thursday, March 30, 2017

Survival Chores: Canning Venison And Harvesting Carrots

Average day, always things to do. Hubby got a nice ten point buck so was out late cutting it up and packing it out. Around here you don't drag the deer, you cut it up because of the terrain. So as he finished processing it I went into canning mode this morning. In the video I forgot to mention the pressure you need to can the canner calls for 10lbs..BUT check your own canner. I do pint jars at 75 minutes and quarts at 90 min....anyway...While the oven was on also roasted some of the tomatoes I still have from the garden and finally..ohh ohh a little late, despite the frosty temps got into the carrot garden to pull and store the wonderful carrots we got this year. A bit nippy today but a awesome day to get things done!

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