Saturday, September 10, 2011

Essential Home Canning Equipment For Food Canning

One of the best option that people choose when it comes into their homes is to preserve their foods in terms of food canning. Pressure canning, water bath method and using other techniques have been learned based on th kind of food to processed. With this, there are various home canning equipment which have been used for making the canning process a lot easier.

Opt for a wing nut system canner. Steer clear of pressure cooker and canner which contains plastic gasket seal as it can wear down and crack in time. Then from time to time it will be requiring a replacement which could be costly and time consuming on your part. Wing nut system on the other hand does not require gaskets replacement thus, you have an equipment anytime you want to use it. This is one big advantage you can get using the wing nut system.

Your equipment for home canning, particularly canner parts, must be kept altogether to prevent loss and from frantically searching looking for them when you need them. Constantly check the wing nuts, pressure gauge, pressure regulator as well as other canning supplies. keep in mind that a canner or a pressure cooker without vent regulator is worthless. When storing equipment, store the loose parts right inside the canner to secure them.

Basically, the home canning equipment includes jars. Prefer glasses that can tolerate high heat, like the Mason or Kerr canning jars intentionally made for pressure canning and boiling bath. Apart from a canner, metal coverings and screw bands are also included. Eventually, metal lids are only used once and discarded when the content is completely consumed. Conversely, screw bands can be used repetitively.

If you can afford and get them, home canning equipment pieces should be anodized aluminum and stainless steel made. Do not choose cast iron, galvanized zinc, copper or brass since they negatively react with acid or salt in foods. Other equipment used for home canning include saucepans and pots, colander, cutting board, heat-resistant ladles and spoons, knives, potato peeler, measuring spoons and cups in different sizes, a mixing bowl and a funnel especially-made for jars.

There is more. For you to complete you home canning equipment, you need to incorporate dry towels, permanent marker, cheesecloth, non-metal spatula, timer, air lifter, kitchen scale and more.

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